Boomerang sofa

Contrasting visual and tactile perceptions blend and enhance each other in the Boomerang sofa: the stiff backrest opens out like a corolla around thick welcoming cushions, guided by the wedge-shaped insert typical of this series.


4BO04 - L.270 x P.100 x H.67

An element that excites

A rigid and highly geometric backrest surrounds and supports the thick padded cushions that make sitting incredibly pleasant. The Boomerang sofa came into being from the encounter between these two textures, guided by the wedge-shaped element which is the model’s namesake. Its charm bridges the clean lines of modern design and the coziness of the ancient noble palaces and gives the sofa a strong personality and uniqueness.

Boomerang is a versatile sofa and combines easily with classic and modern furniture. It can restore the essence of a home connected to the past and present. To accentuate the classic note you can have the wedge-shaped element in a neutral colour; on the contrary, to enhance its revolutionary characteristic, you may opt for the exclusive textures of the Wonderland collection.

Technical details

Double-thick 25 mm multilayered poplar plywood base structure reinforced by a 50×50 mm front support metal sheet strapped with 6 cm elastic bands.
Backrest and armrests structure with 18 mm thickness of multilayered poplar plywood with internal plywood infills, also in poplar.
Structure, armrests and backrest assembled by means of M8 bolts.
Base structure rubberized with two densities: 21LB in the external parts, 70LB in the upper parts to increase the support of the covering.
Back cushions stuffed with 18LB density core in a feather-proof cotton shell filled with a mixed blend of acrylic and down (acrylic fiberfil).
Seat cushions in polyurethane foam (prf) with double density: 30LB in the front part and 35LB elastic prf in the rear part, all covered with a 3-cm memory foam sheet and enclosed by a feather-proof cotton shell filled with eiderdown.
Completely removable cushion covers.
Lacquered elements in multilayer MDF.
Powder-coated steel base anchored to the supporting structure of the frame.

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