A new world

The new Signorini & Coco collection was created by the designer Giuseppe Viganò, who drew inspiration from the world of art in its many nuances. Wonderland comes to light thanks to pictorial concepts and artisanal and innovative materials.
It is a lively collection that combines natural atmospheres, aspirations, and different cultures, reminiscent of Italian art and nature. Wishing to stand out from a market saturated with homologated products, Giuseppe Viganò shaped a new identity that is immediately discernable in terms of style, character, and emotional impact.


The patterns of the Wonderland collection were conceived by the designer specifically for Signorini&Coco and were created by skilled craftsmen. They combine artistic skills with an excellent material composition that bring out a unique finish and can be applied to any element of the collection.

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Boomerang is a world of unexpected geometries and a game of referential links. The name derives from the particularity of the sickle-shaped element appearing in the project’s furnishing compositions, i.e., sofa, sideboard, bed, console, chest of drawers, bedside table, and pouf. These items create immersive environments for living and bedroom areas with a unique identity.

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Like the primordial garden, Eden is a welcoming and unexplored environment. It keeps the promises its name suggests. In fact, just a glance at the sofa and the project’s two oval coffee tables with decorated top would be enough to overwhelm you with their unusual textures and linings. Even the simpler-looking items attract the limelight and bear the same characteristics of great mastery and artisanship. Each element can be combined with the rest of the Wonderland furniture.

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The key theme of the whole collection, also in the Daisy project the handcrafted finish plays the leading role. The tables, consoles, sideboards are explosions of colours and original textures that accompany the particular, rounded shapes. These three visionary products will enrich the living room and unceasingly amaze you with unexpected artistic inspirations.

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The Blois project reveals curved and soft lines, alternated with colourful and highly distinctive coatings and a perfect balance between classic shapes and contemporary features. Its harmony will not fail to fascinate the lovers of style. Sofa and coffee tables can be customized with the different finishes provided by the Wonderland collection.

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Ninfa embodies the suggestions its name evokes. The padded and segmented headboard recalls the reeds surrounding the lakes where water lilies abound; the base, furthermore, seems to float on placid currents – an invitation to rest and be lulled by the water. This piece of furniture has a strong emotional impact, and certainly plays a leading role in the bedroom. It offers an incredible range of possibilities for customization in size and colours.

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In a subdued but clearly distinguishable dialogue between furniture and art, Wave reinterprets classic forms in contemporary times. A disruptive curve shapes the back of the sofa, and calls to mind the historical parts of ancient buildings. It is a chameleonic model endowed with infinite modularity, that echoes the tradition, offset by the two exquisitely modern tables that complete this micro setting.

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Orchidea is a captivating armchair and expresses in a nutshell, all the inspirations of the Wonderland collection: art, fashion and, above all, nature. The seat, in fact, opens out like the corolla of the namesake flower, cozy and comfortable. The symmetrical support base underlines its link with the Italian-style gardens.

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