Ninfa bed with side wings

The Ninfa bed promises placid and peaceful sleep, where the waves of the water lull to sleep. The characteristic ribbed headboard stands out in all the variations of the bed, with or without the bedside table, in this case with side swings. It is a silent guardian of the quality of rest.


00004 - L.3375 x P.2310 x H.1300

An element that excites

In Greek mythology, nymphs were graceful creatures that inhabited the waters and springs. Over the centuries, they have populated the world of art with cultures and paintings dedicated to them; today they have reached the world of furniture with this bed, crossed by vertical pieces reminiscent of the reeds surrounding waterbeds.

Technical details

Multilayer structure in plywood, padded with multi-density rubber. Painted steel square fixtures. Prepared for the mattress base support. Handmade decorative cord. Technically retractable feet. Appendix elements with marble top and powder-coated steel feet

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