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Signorini & Coco’s contemporary line brings a breath of freshness and novelty. The simple but decisive features create new forms in which the design is expressed through a modern language, perfectly combining aesthetics and functionality. Oceano, the new collection born from the historic partnership with designer Silvano Del Guerra, brings the scent of a sea breeze, resounding waves and a breath of fresh air. Other collections will be added, in an attempt to trace a new path we still have to discover.


Imagine the shapes, the light and the matter of contemporary living; coming into people’s home, creating emotions and positive feelings. A dive into Mediterranean atmospheres able to mould the union between shapes and colours, lacquered surfaces and fabrics palette. Glass reflections and its chromatic finishes create a subtle play of light and shadow. With this concept Oceano was born, a collection capable to interpreting the most authentic story of the present-day living.
Designer: Silvano Del Guerra

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