Time is like a lens that sharpens the vision of reality

The Classic Signorini & Coco expresses the value of art transformed into the finest furniture, a dream of elegance and purity.
Authentic soft colors and enveloping finishes bring back to ancient glories, a style unchanged over time, and the contemporary protagonist of a dwelling of great charm in which the essential leaves room for an overflow of emotions and gratifying certainties.
The classic collections have made the history of Signorini & Coco and remain a great inspiration for the future in terms of craftsmanship, quality and vision.


“Forever” is a courageous promise, just like that of Signorini&Coco towards the achievement of a line with firm memories of regality that is never exaggerated and never disappoints, nor fears time. On the other hand, it cherishes time.
Dominated by intertwined lines to symbolize infinity and precious pinstripe lacquers, it has distinct and slender shapes full of unexpected details, delicate inlays with an original design and warm tones to represent the most refined hospitality.
In perfect 19th-century style, lightened by a typical Italian artistic decorative taste, precious frames and feet enriched with finely worked roses stand out in the Forever line.
They are perfect furnishings for city homes and villas in the countryside. Their value lies in reflecting the experience of the hosts.

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Inspired by the ancient Certosa monastery in Florence, one of the main influences of Le Corbusier, father of contemporary architecture, this collection harmoniously and successfully combines the classicism of Italian art with clean lines and contrasting details, all anticipating elements of an ever younger and more casual elegance. Lacquering, inlays, precious details enrich the curves of noble woods in a harmonic and lively way, giving class and liveliness to the entire line.

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Set in a very fine 18th-century style and enriched by talented decorative plays of softness and sinuosity, Romantica is a combination of a brilliant rococo and the best Venetian expression. These dreamy atmospheres blended in the shadow of timeless fables dominate these unique pieces of classic furniture. Abundant curves and silver and gold details combine with bright and intriguing fabrics, craftily worked as required by the best Tuscan bespoke tradition. Romantica demands uniqueness, a defined style conjugated in pursuit of a superior quality to which the company has responded since the beginning of its history, reaping a success that soon led to worldwide renown.

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Time is the lens that sharpens reality

A gem collection, Portofino represents the maximum expression of mastery in Tuscan craftsmanship.
All floors are finely inlaid with paintings, decorations and precious applications that make each piece fascinating and desirable, conceived right from the project design for large spaces, noble floors and great heights.
These furnishings make each home a small Portofino, a symbol of the Made in Italy mark worldwide for elegance, refinement and identity.

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