Our history

A story of three generations

The history of a family, a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation for over 50 years, and which, at each chapter, presents an important step in building the company.


Pietro Coco, progenitor and founding father, began his business as a craftsman in a small shop, and
from his trade as a wood carver and sculptor, transformed into true art, the furniture comes to life.


From the small workshop of his father Pietro, his sons and associates constitute the company Signorini-Coco & C. thus paving the way to becoming a leader in the classic furnishing sector.


At the helm of Signorini&Coco, the 2th generation of the family contributes with their skills and innovative outlook to the company’s international
expansion and renown for the excellence of their craftsmanship.


Signorini&Coco receives the prestigious thanks for it’s 20 years experience and partecipation to the Milan international furniture fair.


At the end of its 50th anniversary, Signorini&Coco boasts a solid reputation for bespoke design and furnishing projects, counting a wide range of classic collections that stand out for the quality and excellence of their workmanship. The third generation conveys the company’s unceasing research and development activity that has combined that renowned classic expertise with more contemporary lines.


After having consolidated the solid and historic partnership with designer Silvano Del Guerra, who designed the fresh and soothing “Oceano” collection, Signorini&Coco is now presenting in exclusive design called Wonderland, at the international 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milano. Wonderland is an innovative and at times ostentatious product, the result of close collaboration with the designer, Giuseppe Viganò.

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