Orchidea armchair

Sitting on the Orchidea armchair is like starting a journey into myths, where luxuriant nature appears infinitely greater and magic becomes possible.


00005 - L.1100 x P.1000 x H.1015

An element that excites

When an Orchidea armchair wraps around you and supports your body lightly, the feeling you get is that of abandonment to the soft embrace of a flower’s corolla. The back opens out in complete relaxation at the gentle curve of the backrest, while the armrests, like petals, reach out to the world. The effect of the thick padding is like a spell that will erase all tension from the body.

There is certainly something magical in the extreme evocative power of this armchair. The geometry of the base recalls the typical symmetries of the Italian garden, subtly highlighting the strong bond with nature that distinguishes the Wonderland collection.

Technical details

Body structure in steel strapped with 6-cm elastic bands.
Base structure rubberized with two densities: 21LB in the external parts, 70LB in the upper parts to increase the support of the covering.
Backrest cushion padded with core density 18LB in a feather-proof cotton shell filled with a 2cm mixed acrylic and Memory foam rubber blend.
Seat cushion in polyurethane foam with double density: 30LB in the front part and 35LB elastic prf in the rear part, all covered with a 3 cm memory foam sheet and closed by a down-proof cotton shell with an eiderdown interior.
Swivel base in powder-coated steel anchored to the supporting structure of the frame.

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