Wave sofa

The Wave sofa is just like the waves of the sea that rise and merge to create a continuous dynamism. With the same principle, this sofa is divided into modular pieces: there are numerous possible assemblies that can radically change the structure and shapes of the whole ambient.


6WA03S - L.272 x P.100 x H.91

An element that excites

A surge of style, a burst of emotion. Wave is a dynamic and playful sofa that changes and transforms itself thanks to the numerous modular elements.
Instead, what does not change is the neoclassical features that blend to render a subtle homage to Art Deco. You can easily imagine this sofa in your living room while the chatter of guests resounds in the air and the notes of Bach create a refined background.

Art therefore is concretized and becomes the object of everyday life, integrating with the spaces and modifying them into small oases of conviviality. The rear part of the backrest can be customized with the floral, lace or mosaic motifs that characterize the finishes of the Wonderland collection.

Technical details

Double-thick 25 mm multilayered poplar plywood base structure reinforced by a metal frame for front support strapped with 6 cm elastic straps.
Backrest and armrests structure in poplar plywood thickness of 18 with internal plywood infills also in poplar.
Structure, armrests and backrest all assembled by means of M8 bolts.
Base structure rubberized with two densities: 21LB in the external parts, 30LB in the upper parts to increase the support of the covering.
Padded backrest structure with core density of 25LB and elastic covered with 350 gr acrylic layer.
Seat structure in polyurethane foam with double density: 30LB in the front part and 35 elastic prf in the rear part, all covered with a 3-cm memory foam sheet covered in 350 gr acrylic layer.
Feet in painted steel.

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