Blois Sofa

Elongated seat, soft curves and thin sofa legs: the Blois sofa evokes the scent of spices and the warm atmospheres of Arabian nights in an unexpectedly modern key.


1BL03 - L.260 x P.100 x H.66

An element that excites

The Blois sofa opens out lengthwise. A small horizon in the form of furniture, it is a concentration of the enchanting spirit of the Middle East and a combination of shapes that honour the sofas of the 1950s. The structure seems almost suspended, remote from earthly stress, and within the intimacy of your living room it is an irresistible invitation to recline and travel with your imagination, free from daily routines.

The Blois sofa is available in different formats, and can harmoniously fit into any type of floor plan. The offer includes customized linear or angular shapes and accessories such as an integrated side table. All the variations have, under the cushions, a customizable decorative band that complements the finishes of the Wonderland collection. All you will need to do is to relax on its cozy padding while enjoying a sip of your favourite drink.

Fine finishes

Double-thick 25 mm multilayered poplar plywood base structure reinforced by a metal frame for front support strapped with 6 cm elastic straps.
Backrest and armrests structure in poplar plywood 18 mm thick with internal plywood infills, also in poplar.
Structure, armrests and backrest assembled by means of M8 bolts.
Base structure rubberized with two densities: 21 in the external parts, 30 in the upper parts to increase the support of the covering.
Backrest structure padded with 25LB elastic density core covered with a 350 gr acrylic layer.
Seat structure in polyurethane foam (prf) with double density: 30LB density in the front part and 35LB elastic prf in the rear part, all covered with a 3 cm memory foam sheet covered in 350 gr acrylic layer.
Base band in plywood covered with leather or decorated with patterns.
Feet in painted steel.

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