The 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan is upon us and Signorini & Coco will participate with all the energy and personality of it new Wonderland collection

05 June 2022

This year is an important edition of the Milan Furniture Fair: the traditional event dedicated to furniture is celebrating its 60th anniversary and will bring the sector’s greatest innovations to the Milanese scene. The main brands shall reunite after two years of emergency which has transformed our home experience and has certainly affected the design of private spaces. At times however, the most creative solutions arise from problems and Signorini & Coco took up the challenge by designing an overwhelming and memorable collection in collaboration with the designer Giuseppe Viganò.

The sector’s request was to invent something different from what was on the market. In response, the company created the Wonderland collection. This name gathers 12 kaleidoscopic and dreamlike worlds that have broken away from traditional aesthetic standards to create a new design paradigm. As a matter of fact, Viganò drew on the worlds of art, fashion and nature to design multifaceted furniture, lights and upholstery rich in personality, interconnected by the four patterns that characterize the collection. All the furniture is also customizable thanks to the textures decorating the lining panels, made with a material specifically designed for the collection. The workmanship and processing, the gold leaf inserts and mother-of-pearl reflections embellish the furniture and underline a strong conceptual coherence that gives life to immersive environments, strongly characterized by references to art and tributes to nature. This is how the living room and bedroom areas break the routine lifestyle and take on an out of the ordinary design with a high emotional impact. Furthermore, Wonderland drifts between different color palettes and materials, to casually associate leather, fabric, and crystals. Color and continuous material references become the main players in the compositions and blends between the various worlds, eliminating design barriers to favor the creation of custom-made spaces that fully express the client’s personality.

With this collection, Signorini & Coco breaks away from the classic standards that have always characterized the brand and boldly makes an innovative and provocative proposal. The incredible sartorial quality of the workmanship however remains the same as that which has made the brand an international excellence. Founded in 1968, the company has always pursued the great furniture-making tradition of its founders, driven by the same attention to production and continuous pursuit of stylistic perfection. It is precisely this quest for beauty that has created the synergy between the brand and Giuseppe Viganò, who has put his artistic creativity at the service of the collection, enhanced by his ability to devise new materials and finishes. The designer is renowned for his transversal approach to design, and has allowed him to find inspiration in the most diverse fields. In all ways, Wonderland strongly reflects his ability to make us see artistic references and vital cultural values in every detail.

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