We produce, safely

07 May 2020

We have reopened our production facilities, with also our warehouses and logistics departments to be fully operational, so we could have seen alive again the beating heart of our craft workshops.

All the department, as part of the Italian Design Industry, took again on the journey, today after exactly two months: Our craftsmen are working again, the offices and our sales are managing all the meetings, calls, and the analytics and planning sessions.

Interpersonal relationships have changed definitely, physical contact gives place to new forms of empathy. New gestures, a new awareness, and new transparency we had irresponsibly forgotten.

The big family of SIGNORINI&COCO joins all the Italians in the desire for revenge after this dramatic moment. Everyday we hoped it could finish soon, many nights we felt discouraged, and sometimes we thought we couldn’t do it. But right there, we gathered strength and since May 4th we started to believe in it again. More than ever.
The intellectual abilities of women and men who have always known how to lift their heads up and roll up their sleeves, starting from the calamities with honour and passion, have won. We believe in new discoveries and in progress, in technology at human service. We believe in scientific research, in the power of love in all of its forms, in the genius of the human being.

There are new rules and customs in the making, that have profoundly changed our company routine in terms of hygiene and safety. We work by implementing all the safety and health protocols given by WHO, Health Ministry, local and regional authorities. So the work can always be safe and peaceful for all the workers. We are adopting all the necessary protocols to be an “Open for business” Company: regular sanitising procedures for the rooms, extraordinary plans of access to the production plants, supply of disinfectants and protective devices at each location , maintaining social distancing and all that is mandatory by our government legislation or even prudently recommended. Coming back to work make us happy again, also for this reason we are committed to each other in order to work with the maximum attention possible and can ensure everyone’s safety. As long as we promise to dream big, we will continue to make Italy great.

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