Oceano, contemporary emotions

13 November 2021

The serenity and freedom of water becomes a design of curved and fluid lines.

It is a palette that recalls the natural colors of the coast and is a historic signature for Signorini & Coco. Once again, Silvano Del Guerra placed his iconic and distinctive trait at the service of our brand with the Oceano collection. Like the waves of the sea, the rippled surfaces create a characteristic pattern that flows over all the furniture in the collection: from the desk to the TV stand, and from the wardrobe to the dresser. All the lacquered coverings seem to be permeated by a vibration that spreads out from the furniture, and replicated also on the headboard of the bed. The dynamic touch well compensates for the placid curves of the tops and the soft embrace of the seats, in a symbolic homage to ocean water that alternates quiet and stormy moments, but always manages to instill deep peace. The collection aims to do the same.

Oceano floods the rooms with delicate refinement, and overcomes the boundaries of individual environments to impress the living room, study and bedrooms with the same, graceful and gentle play of colors we see in nature. The parallelism goes even further in the choice of materials. The glass shelves of the TV cabinet or the lacquered wood tops will easily remind us of the pools of clear water that form in the fissures of the shore, surrounded by branches brought by the current. The contemporary taste of Oceano breaks away from the classic collections of Signorini & Coco but takes up and spells out their spirit. It is ideal for the furnishing of large villas and apartments on the coast, and also bright city environments that benefit from the sense of peace that its design conveys.

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