PROFILE A story of passion and people


The Signorini & Coco story started in 1968, when Pietro Coco, progenitor and founding father, started his activities as a handcraftsman in a small workshop. His profession as wood engraver and sculptor, soon became a true and proper art which gave life to furniture.
The year 1973 formally marked the inception of the Signorini- Coco & C. with the second generation, composed of the sons of Pietro, Enrico and Giorgio Coco, and the partners, Gianluigi Signorini and Mauro Salcioli. At the helm of the company: with passion and perseverance, they dedicated themselves to the continual quest for elevated professionalism such as teams of expert furniture designers, production operators, artisans, and art masters.
All was done without losing sight of innovation and progress.
In the 2000s, under the guidance of the second generation, the small handicraft workshop stepped into the world of the big companies. Signorini & Coco asserted itself as a solid, affirmed and successful reality in the sector, with the best premises for the pursuance of their activities, the fruit of research, stylistic perfection and quality.
We thus came to the point of the third generation, composed of Mirko, Alessio and Cecilia Coco, Daniele Salcioli and Gianluca Busdraghi.
It was a united and reliable team, determined to pursue the corporate mission and values. Backed by its past roots and with its vision always directed to the future, they inherited the passion. Day by day they learned that this derived from know-how and experience, and brought their own contribution of new training, new stimuli and new competencies.

PROCESSING A touch of mastery every time

"The hand of a craftsman is one of the most important components of every Signorini & Coc piece.
It is this marvellous tool that creates the finely crafted, amazing inlays, swallow-tail carvings in a purely traditional style, refined decorative paints, and bee wax polishes. It is precisely from the abilities of the woodworkers, carvers, and decorators that the added value arises, and which distinguishes every Signorini & Coco furniture piece, a real artistic item created to add beauty to time. "

QUALITY An author signature

All the Signorini & Coco furniture are personalised with the brand; it is a signature piece which is the seal of a handcrafted and state-of-the-art processing. The authenticity certificate and product specification sheet are further warranties which determine the materials used in the processing. The finishings are achieved with ecological paints and colours certified by the producers, because also the environment is a classic item to pass on.

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